BaxterMind – Review of the first live meeting April 2016

After getting home, resting, and reflecting… I wanted to pass along some thoughts about the Nothing Held Back Mastermind BaxterMind that just finished.

In the years I’ve run these groups, this may have been the best.

I needed a break to regroup, so took 2015 off.

That was the best decision I could have made, because coming into this, I was able to give 100% of myself to facilitating a group of superstars.

Before every meeting, I identify who has synergy and make it my mission to put those people together in the hopes that new business and/or knowledge exchange happens.

One particular group coming out of this meeting will likely be worth 8 figures to each other (not an exaggeration… so much so that I nicknamed them the Click Arbitrage Mafia).

Another point of differentiation with my masterminds is that day 1 is about learning and networking in a relaxed environment. I have 2 (or more) high caliber speakers come in and present on a variety of topics.

This one, we had Eric Louviere start off the day with Big Thoughts And Belief Can Lead To Big X (X being create massive change in others, profits, etc). Set the stage just as I anticipated.

Jerry West presented next. And as long as he and I have been great friends, he shocked me with data driven SEO. All I can say is that 99% of the SEO’s out there don’t have a clue. I took 3 pages of notes and this is someone I consider to be a close friend. Amazing stuff all validated by data.

William Pettet presented after lunch and changed the way we thought about the ECOSYSTEM of SEO. Again, notes galore and a mental shift into seeing a much greater design with regards to humans, the internet, and how to catch people in different phases to maximize promotion.

Matt Harmon gave a talk in the afternoon about Native Ads. When you see someone with the daily ad spend that surpasses most people’s monthly advertising budget, and is a fanatic for data driven analytics, well… you listen.

Thank you guys, I owe you!

At this point, I wanted to see how many hot seats we had for the next day.

This is another point of change with my groups. Hot seats can be extremely tiresome for everyone and at some point, can be downright boring.

Most facilitators just accept that and push through thinking that their doing a service to everyone.

I don’t fault them at all (it seems obvious to ensure everyone gets value), but I believe keeping things organic and allowing conversations to morph is where the MAGIC happens.

This is MY job as the facilitator to make sure it’s amazing and if it isn’t, then I would take the blame. It’s a big responsibility and anyone that has facilitated such a group can relate.

So, what happened next you might ask?

How about a BLACK HAT SEO session with none other than Holly Starks!


It was amazing and I was again, taking notes like a madman while keeping in mind that I needed to allow her to process her thoughts while keeping random questions to a minimum.

Not a single person in the room wasn’t asking for more when she was done!

The day continued on with hot seats and more organic conversations.

We ended the day with a Facebook conversation being led by a great friend and someone that must remain nameless. He knows who he is (and so do you). He ALWAYS over-delivers and this was no exception.

I set the intention for the group at the very beginning to network and create business (this is a business mastermind after-all).

That was accomplished.

I want to express my DEEPEST gratitude and appreciation to everyone that attended. Your commitment of time, energy, and money to be there was no small thing and I THANK YOU for making that commitment.

YOU all made this weekend great and I’m looking forward to the next BaxterMind (TM) in July!

If you would like to join the BaxterMind and gain access to an incredible mind-share, then complete the form below and let’s talk. You need to see if this is a great fit for you and I need to see if you are a great fit for the group.

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Podcast: Hot As Hell! A Better Way To Sell Hot Sauce Online

A while back (2 yrs ago), I started a passion project selling sauces.

It bombed… big time.

Or did it?

The lessons learned stick with me.

Last night, I thought of a better way to sell sauces online. In hindsight, it’s obvious (and I think you will agree), but I let EGO stand in my way.

Heck, I may relaunch Black Label Sauces again. 🙂

On a side-note, I don’t know if I will continue this ‘podcasting’ thing. I felt the need to tell you this information, but haven’t put a plan together… or given any real thought to hosting an ongoing podcast.